The main function of multifunctional orchard management machine


Multi-functional orchard management machine used in the field, orchard, agriculture, etc., the function is full of ten, easy to complete the work required, what specific.
1, swash plate ditching operation. Swash plate ditching machine, suitable for ditching in hard soil orchards with high efficiency and less residue at the bottom of the ditch
2. Trenching operation. Rotary knife ditching machine, standardized knife, suitable for non-cohesive soil in general soil orchard ditching, high efficiency, less residue at the bottom of the ditch.
3, rotary tillage operations. It adopts remote control system operation, easy to use; the whole machine has compact structure and can be turned in situ; it has good passability and strong climbing ability, which is especially suitable for mechanized operations such as orchards, greenhouses and hillsides.
4, ridging operation. The ridging device is hung behind the rotary tiller to realize ridging while selecting tillage, which is suitable for the soil requirements of planting sweet potato and other cash crops in orchards and greenhouse vegetable planting.
5, fertilization operations. Trenching, fertilization, covering the integrated joint operation, adjustable fertilization, fertilization depth adjustable, especially suitable for granular or powder fertilizer distribution operations.
6, mowing operations. High-speed vertical knife mowing device, suitable for various types of weeds or grass cutting and crushing operations, stubble leveling.
7, backfill operation (I). Based on the split knife shaft rotary cultivator, the backfilling operation function is realized by replacing the knife shaft. Easy disassembly and assembly, high efficiency of backfilling operation.
8, backfill operation (II). Based on the positive ditching machine, the backfilling operation function is realized by removing the ditching machine cutter head and replacing the auger. It is suitable for backfilling operation after ditching of the main tray ditching machine.
9. Branch crushing operation: Use the power output and variable speed structure of the crawler self-propelled tractor to drive the branch crusher, which is used to crush the branches of the fruit tree pruning.
10, transportation operations. It is not only used to transport materials to the orchard, but also used to transport fruits to the outside of the orchard to solve the problem of transportation difficulties in the orchard.
11, drug homework. The air-fed sprayer has good atomization and long spray distance; remote control operation, man-machine separation, to ensure that the operator is not injured and protected from medicine mist.

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