The purchasing skills of agricultural machinery


In agricultural production, agricultural machinery plays an important role. With the development of agricultural mechanization and the introduction of the state subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the development of agricultural machinery market is relatively fast, and many enterprises have invested in agricultural machinery production. If you buy poor quality agricultural machinery, it may delay valuable agricultural time, so pay attention to the choice of high-quality agricultural machinery.
Look at the manufacturer.
When purchasing agricultural machinery, you must first understand what the main manufacturers are, and choose well-known brands with relatively large enterprise scale and strong research and development capabilities; before purchasing, you can also investigate the farmers who have used this kind of machinery, ask more about the investigation, and then Determine the model according to your own use and economy.
Look at the agricultural machinery certificate
To purchase agricultural machinery, it is also necessary to check whether the agricultural machinery has quality inspection certificate, product promotion license, "three guarantees" maintenance certificate and other certificates, and check whether all certificates are consistent with the product name and model, main technical parameters, factory number and the name, address and contact number of the manufacturer marked on the machine nameplate. Read the instructions carefully and check carefully whether the main accessories of the machine indicated in the instructions are complete, in order to prevent sellers from cutting corners and sending less accessories, they firmly refuse to leave the factory for too long, store for a long time or repair the products.
Check the appearance of agricultural machinery
Generally speaking, the appearance quality of agricultural machinery reflects its inherent quality to a certain extent. Before purchasing machinery, pay attention to observe whether the product has signs of bump, damage, paint stripping and renovation. Whether the welding gap of each welding part is smooth and firm, and whether there is any oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage; Whether the clearance of each part is consistent, whether there are defects such as cracks and air holes in the casting parts; Whether each transmission part has protective measures, etc.
For power agricultural machinery, the purchase must be tested. First of all, check the starting performance, to start several times in a row to check the starting condition; Secondly, idle running, idling for more than 10 minutes at normal working speed, check whether the machine runs smoothly and whether there is any abnormal sound; After the end of the operation, check the joint surface and seal for leakage.
Check operation performance
The actual operation of agricultural machinery. Check whether the operation is flexible or not, and whether the brake light is safe and reliable. For the matching machinery, the rotating parts shall be checked for flexibility and jamming.

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