Micro tillage machine, choose gasoline engine, or diesel engine?


Micro tiller is a kind of farming equipment powered by small diesel engine or gasoline engine. It is light in weight, small in size, and can be exercised freely in the field. It is the best choice to replace cattle farming!
Micro-tillage machine is widely used in plains, mountainous areas, hilly dry land, paddy fields, orchards, etc., with the corresponding machines and tools can also be used for pumping, spraying, spraying and other operations.
Choose according to terrain
If orchards, vegetable gardens, tea gardens, vegetable greenhouses and other areas with high requirements for portable models, it is suitable to use gasoline micro-tillers with high speed and lighter body.
If it is a flat field, it is both a gasoline tiller and a diesel tiller.
According to the intensity of the operation to choose
For areas with high operating intensity requirements, such as hard soil and long continuous operation time, diesel micro-tiller is suitable. If the job requirements are not high, you can choose a gasoline tiller. Because the gasoline tiller noise is small, less exhaust gas, the fuselage is lighter than the diesel engine, the speed is also high, and the price is cheap.
Farming preferred diesel engine
If it is farmland farming, it is recommended to choose diesel engine, don't figure light and choose gasoline engine. Because in the process of plowing the field, a certain weight is needed to plow the field efficiently. Diesel engines also have an advantage in reliability. For qualified diesel engines, as long as the cleanliness of the diesel, the normal water-cooled heat dissipation and the lubrication of the oil are guaranteed, there will generally be no problems. The gasoline engine ignition coil, burner and oil carburetor and other components are prone to problems, maintenance is more troublesome, and refueling is generally to the gas station.

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