Micro tillage machine gear good or chain?


As we all know, the main body of the micro-tiller is composed of two parts: the engine and the gearbox.
Everyone knows that the engine has gasoline, diesel and mixed oil.
Today, I 'd like to tell you about the advantages and potential of these two kinds of mini-tillers!,
At present, the most commonly used mini-tiller gearboxes are chain type. This kind of gearbox is mainly matched with mini-tillers with relatively small power. The advantages of this kind of gearbox are low production difficulty, low production cost, low maintenance cost and low weight. The characteristics of convenient maintenance after equipment failure.
The transmission efficiency of this gearbox is relatively high and the power loss is small. However, this kind of gearbox will affect the life of the gearbox when the ground is very hard. Because it is a chain drive, many manufacturers use a lot of unqualified steel to save costs to make the gearbox shell of the tiller, which leads to many manufacturers. The failure rate of this gearbox is high.
Let's talk about the gear gearbox. The gear gearbox is heavy and has a large power loss. It is generally matched with more than ten engines. This kind of gearbox is full of gears inside, and the whole is an iron knot, so its weight is very heavy.
Because of the high requirements for processing accuracy and assembly accuracy, the life of this gearbox produced by many small factories is not too long. However, this type of gearbox is generally under heavy stress. High-horsepower machines generally use this type of gearbox. Many low-power engines with this gearbox have problems with immobility.
It can be seen that do not choose this kind of gearbox for low-power engines. Using this kind of gearbox will increase the fuel consumption of the engine. It is not recommended to choose this gearbox for places that are not very hard.

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