2019 agricultural machinery parts enterprises into the whole machine enterprise docking activities successfully held


In order to build a communication platform between agricultural machinery parts enterprises and complete machine enterprises, continue to promote the integration of zero hand in hand, and achieve win-win results, "2019 Agricultural Machinery Parts Enterprises Entering Complete Machine Enterprises Docking Activities" entered China Yituo Group Co., Ltd. and Zhonglian Heavy Machinery Kaifeng Industrial Park respectively from May 27 to 29 to carry out the integration docking activities. Nearly 60 representatives from more than 40 parts enterprises participated in the docking activities, president Chen Zhi of our association, Executive Vice President Fan Jinglong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Li Youji, and Deputy Secretary-General Wang Fengde participated in the entire event.
Delegates visited and inspected the wheeled tractor intelligent manufacturing plant of China Yitu Group, the intelligent diesel engine assembly line of Guosi, the intelligent cockpit digital factory, and the tractor and harvester equipment line of Zhonglian Heavy Machinery Kaifeng Industrial Park. They listened to the introduction of the enterprise's production situation, enterprise culture, procurement of key products, supply chain management, etc. by the enterprise leaders, and conducted face-to-face communication and docking in groups.
This zero docking activity reflects three very obvious characteristics:
1. Leaders attach great importance to it. The leaders of the association have always attached great importance to the docking activities. President Chen Zhi, Executive Vice President Fan Jinglong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Li Youji and Deputy Secretary-General Wang Fengde participated in the docking activities. Chairman Li Xiaoyu of China Yituo Group and General Manager Liu Jiguo of First Tractor Co., Ltd. personally attended the event and participated in the reception. Yu Xuqin, Vice President of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Chen Guanying and Deputy Director of Procurement, made a special trip from Wuhu to Kaifeng to participate in the event. Most of the representatives of parts enterprises participating in the docking activities are the chairman or general manager of the unit. This fully reflects the importance of the association and enterprise leaders to the whole zero docking activities, and reflects the urgent desire of both sides for the whole zero cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation.
2. Business participation is broader. Many enterprises participating in this zero docking activity are participating for the first time, such as Jiangsu Shagang Jiulong Cold Rolling Processing Co., Ltd., Yantai Shengsen Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Stone Instrument Co., Ltd., Shulan General Machinery Co., Ltd., Yantai Shougang Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises are participating in the association activities for the first time. At the same time, the types of products participating in the docking are becoming more and more abundant. In addition to traditional gearboxes, axles, hydraulic parts and other products, new raw materials, electronic accelerator pedals, smart electrical boxes, meters, air conditioners, electronic control products, and post-processing systems are also added. And many other products.
3. Significant results have been achieved. The whole zero docking activities not only provide a platform for in-depth communication and communication between the whole zero enterprises, but also promote the business cooperation between the whole machine and parts enterprises. At the meeting with Zoomlion Heavy Machinery, Chen Zhenghua, Chairman of Zhejiang Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd., and Chen Guanying, Vice President of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery, held a signing ceremony on the cooperation agreement for the first batch of 200 160 horsepower power reversing tractor gearboxes.
This time, the parts enterprises entered China Yituo and Zoomlion Heavy Machinery are the 10th and 11th complete machine enterprises organized by the Association to connect parts enterprises. In the future, the association will further build the industry brand of the whole zero docking activities, introduce more excellent parts enterprises and products to the excellent whole machine enterprises, join hands with the whole zero to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, build a harmonious whole zero relationship, and jointly promote the continuous progress of the quality of China's agricultural machinery products.

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