Agricultural machinery market dismal enterprise how to break the bureau?


In recent years, my country's agricultural machinery market as a whole has been weak. Traditional products, especially tractors and harvesters, have declined significantly. Other sub-industries have also declined to varying degrees. Individual emerging products have risen against the trend, reflecting that the agricultural machinery industry has entered a new round of in-depth adjustment cycle.
In the face of industry difficulties, many enterprises generally feel that the pressure of survival and development is huge. Some enterprises actively take effective measures to deal with, but there are also many enterprises in the market shock out.
In order to comprehensively analyze the countermeasures and achievements of China's high-quality agricultural machinery enterprises under the bad market situation, the agricultural machinery magazine specially planned and organized a series of reports on the topic of "agricultural machinery breakers say.
The selected enterprises include both large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises; both comprehensive enterprises and specialized enterprises; both domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises; both complete machine enterprises and parts enterprises. Let's take a look at how these companies are broken.
Stick to the main business
Let's start with an analysis of sticking to the main business. It is true that it is difficult to stick to the main business, especially in the face of the temptation of the market and policies. Although the name of some enterprises has not changed, the actual main products may have changed several rounds. Although some companies can still live for a while, it can be said that they have no details at all. Like new companies, they face the risk of dying at any time.
But sticking to the main business does not mean sticking to a few products. For example, a company in Nantong that we investigated was originally a company with transplanter as its main business. Of course, transplanter is still its main business, but they have carried out horizontal development, taking planting as a breakthrough, and successively developed various transplanters.
At present, this company is not only still active in the field of transplanters, but also recognized as an expert in the field of transplanters. On the contrary, look at those enterprises that have done rice transplanters and harvesters, harvesters and dryers. They have expanded indefinitely without the main direction. They are nominally moving closer to full mechanization in the whole process. In fact, most of them are in danger or even bankrupt in order to pursue policy hotspots.
Focus on word of mouth
Let's look at word of mouth. There are many aspects to the formation of word of mouth. Whether the industry can maintain a noble competitive posture, and whether end users can have products with excellent quality that they can use and make money are the basis for evaluation.
According to common sense, if any enterprise is not responsible to consumers, even if it is "brilliant" for a while, it will eventually die miserably. However, the agricultural machinery industry is different, there are a variety of survival "means", resulting in a lot of changes in the soup without changing the medicine, the existence of a new face. They don't want word of mouth and hurt their peers. Therefore, for many years before, although paying attention to word-of-mouth is an effective way of development for enterprises, they have to face a reality: there is no obvious gap between those who do not pay attention to word-of-mouth.

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