Shandong Province to Carry out Mechanized Transplanting Test of Welsh Onion


In order to adapt to the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and promote the development of advantageous and characteristic vegetables, combined with the work arrangement of the vegetable transplanter test demonstration of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Development and Extension Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, on July 3, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station organized technicians to conduct a test on the green onion transplanter. Zhangqiu District Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center, Zaoyuan Shengyuan Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative and other relevant technical personnel participated in the test activities.
In the green onion mechanized transplanting test area in Liutangkou Village, Diao Town, Zhangqiu District, the participants were divided into two groups. According to the formulated test plan and test methods, the performance of the 2ZYX-2 green onion transplanting machine produced by Shandong Hualong Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. was tested. The technical and economic indicators such as the operation width, transplanting density, planting depth, planting row spacing, pure working hour productivity, shift productivity, operation oil consumption, etc, from the operation situation, the operation of the green onion transplanter can basically meet the local green onion planting requirements, but there are also problems such as more auxiliary labor and low operation efficiency. This test obtained the first-hand test data, which laid a good foundation for the improvement of the performance of the green onion transplanting machine and the promotion of the green onion transplanting mechanization technology.
Through the test and effect evaluation of the green onion transplanter, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station will further refine the practical technical specifications and operating procedures, form an advanced and applicable green onion mechanized transplanting technology model, and influence and drive the surrounding people from point to area, and accelerate advanced, The popularization and application of applicable vegetable mechanization technology will continue to contribute to the development of agricultural mechanization and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in our province.

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