Methods to improve the performance of micro tillage machine


Micro-tiller is favored by greenhouse vegetable growers for its light, flexible, multi-functional and low price. The next small series for you to explain how to improve the performance of micro tillage machine.
1. The running-in of the new machine should be in place
Many people think that running-in is not only a waste of time and fuel, which is really uneconomical. Some people directly use high throttle and high speed without running-in, while others do not understand the concept of running-in and think that idling for 2-3 hours is enough. According to experts, running-in is a gradual process, which must start from small throttle, low speed, low gear, and low load, and gradually increase to high speed, high gear, and heavy load. Its purpose is to gradually grind off the uneven parts of the mating surface of the parts under good technical conditions and lubrication conditions by slowly increasing the load, so as to lay the foundation for the normal use and extended life of the machine.
2, the operation method should be in place
When the micro-tiller is in use, the operation method is not in place, which can easily cause some failures. Operation, first of all to avoid long-term overload operation. When working in paddy fields and hard fields, if black smoke is found from the machine, the gear should be downshifted in time. Do not work for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause poor lubrication of the engine.
3, maintenance should be in place
Due to the poor working environment of the micro tiller, maintenance is particularly important. At work, due to the friction and vibration of the parts and the invasion of oil, mud, and water, it will inevitably cause the wear of the parts, loose connections, corrosion and aging, which will deteriorate the technical status of the micro-tiller, reduce the power, and increase the fuel consumption. Wear is accelerated, and faults continue to appear.

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